What's the rugged phones?

Rugged mobiles and tough phones are built to withstand more extreme outdoor conditions than your standard mobiles and are suited to harsher industrial environments. In general they are usually water, dust, scratch, temperature, shock and vibration resistant.

Today's smart phones are fabulous pieces of kit but they are often both pricey and fragile. Those touch screens look tremendous, but not when they're cracked. And they're useless if you're wearing gloves. OK so just buy a simpler, cheaper phone. Well they don't stand the rain too well, a drop to the floor or a bit of dirt or dust. Ordinary mobile phones can be a false economy.

Tough phones are ideal if you work or play in an outdoors environment. They are great for builders, plumbers, scaffolders, painters, decorators, electricians, surveyors, engineers, heavy machine operators, military personnel, or indeed anyone who's work needs them to communicate wirelessly with an easy to operate phone which will survive the usual daily knocks, falls, scratches and bashes.

Equally, outdoor sportsmen and women need a phone that can withstand the physical punishment their activities subject them to. Mountain climbing, sailing, skiing and snowboarding are just some examples of the activities where lesser phones struggle to cope.


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